Plasma Grow Lights

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Plasma Grow Lights Mean?

Plasma lights are a form of induction lighting. Relatively new to the horticultural industry, many growers are now praising these lights for their energy efficiency, low heat outputs, and full-spectrum light outputs containing both UVA and UVB rays. Plasma grow lights require up to 50 per cent less electricity than conventional lights to cover the same growing area.

In growrooms, plasma lights are used to stimulate both plant development and growth through an electromagnetic spectrum that is ideal for photosynthesis. These lights can also be used in winter as a complete substitute for sunlight. Like other types of artificial grow lights, plasma lighting prevents plants from growing overly spindly and long due to lack of proper exposure the sun.

Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter, as it is neither a solid, liquid, or gas.


Maximum Yield Explains Plasma Grow Lights

First discovered in 1894 by Nikola Tesla, plasma bulbs don’t have the metal filaments that are commonly found in high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. Instead, these lights use electromagnetic induction to ensure your plants benefit from maximum lighting spectrums. Many growers tend to favor plasma lights because energy efficiency is one of their strongest assets. However, the relatively high price of plasma fixtures has deterred many people from trying them.

As far as indoor gardening is concerned, plasma lights are considered highly beneficial to plants because they largely reduce the risk of several botanical ailments such as powdery mildew. In fact, a study carried out at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences showed a substantial reduction in such ailments when the plants were exposed to plasma bulbs.

There are different types of plasma lights available for indoor gardeners, depending on the amount of red light, bulb orientation, and total output that a grower is looking for, which is often based on the types of crops they are growing.


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