Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Microclimate Mean?

A microclimate is a climate that exists within a much larger climate. This can happen naturally, such as on the side of a mountain where the region receives a certain amount of sunlight or rainfall exposure compared to the other side of the mountain, which might receive more or less.

A microclimate can also be a controlled climate, such as in a growroom, grow tent, or greenhouse setting where the grower controls the area’s light, temperature, humidity, and other factors to create the ideal plant environment.


Maximum Yield Explains Microclimate

Around the world, microclimates exist naturally within larger climates. The area of the Emerald Triangle in California’s Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity counties are known for their unique microclimates that are ideal for growing plants outdoors.

However, as natural outdoor grow operations become more widespread, the search for natural, undistriburbed microclimates can be difficult, so growers are creating their own indoor microclimates in grow rooms and greenhouses.

To achieve an indoor microclimate to cultivate plants, the grower must control the room's CO2, ventilation, lighting, humidity, and airflow. Once all those factors are modified, the grower will have successfully created a true microclimate.


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