Wheel Hoe

What Does Wheel Hoe Mean?

A wheel hoe is a device used to till the soil and cultivate more delicate plants. Wheel hoes are ideal for working around pathways, fruit trees, and shrubs. In some cases, they can be used to loosen up compacted soil or make hill crops and furrows. Contrary to traditional hand tools, wheel hoes protect the grower from backaches and muscular strains.


Maximum Yield Explains Wheel Hoe

Tilling the soil is an important part of preparing the grow area for new plants. In some cases, the wheel hoe can be used for secondary tillage. This weeding and cultivating tool is equipped with shanks that can pulverize, stir, and pierce the soil as the planter moves the machine around in a linear pattern. Motorized wheel hoes are equipped with rotary disks to carefully turn the soil to eliminate weeds without gazing the crops.

Wheel hoes can also be used to aerate the soil. The major advantage of this tool is that it uproots the weeds without affecting the photosynthesis process. The wheel hoe helps the planter dig deeper into the growing area to wipe out insects and other pests. In humid regions, it is vital to regularly till the soil whenever it becomes moist to protect more delicate plants and flowers from rot and moss.


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