Drop Seeder

What Does Drop Seeder Mean?

A drop seeder is a farming tool that enhances the farming process. This tool allows efficient seeding in farms as drop seeders, as the name suggests, can be used to drop seeds through the multiple holes in the plates of this device. Drop seeders are mostly used in the seeding of lawns and especially in the plantation of grass.


Maximum Yield Explains Drop Seeder

Most drop seeders have two plates with tiny holes on it that drop seeds on the soil. Changeable plates may be available to change the number of seeds that have been dropped on the soil. The seeds are dropped between the wheels of the drop seeder, so one has control over exactly where the seed falls. While using the drop seeder, the hopper needs to be first filled with seed, while the seeder is not being used. After that, one can walk at a normal pace and position their drop seeder in areas where they want the seed to be planted.


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