Broadcast Seeder/Spreader

What Does Broadcast Seeder/Spreader Mean?

A broadcast seeder refers to a farm equipment which is often used for spreading ice melt, fertilizer, lime, seed and sand. This piece of equipment is commonly used to help farmers gain time and effort, especially when working on larger-scale crops. While old-fashioned seeders operate through a manual hand-cranking system, newer models designed for commercial use are powered by spinning disks.


Maximum Yield Explains Broadcast Seeder/Spreader

Spreaders and broadcast seeders can come in especially handy when working with potentially harmful products such as fungicides and insecticides since farmers can consistently and easily broadcast them with minimal to no contact with the skin. Some fertilizer spreaders have been known to double the crop’s yield when properly used. Indeed, some models can very easily cover an entire field of plants within a mere few minutes, consequently helping planters save up on manpower.

Planters normally differentiate between three main types of spreaders: handheld spreaders that sport a hand crank, push units that feature spinning disks and broadcast seeders that are normally mounted to utility tractors. For agricultural uses, farmers can also use much larger broadcast seeders that can cover up to 90 feet in width.


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