What Does Woody Mean?

In botany, woody refers to plants with branches and stems that consist of wood. These plants require proper trimming and pruning for adequate development. Pruning woody plants has also been shown to reduce the risks of certain plant-borne diseases. Woody plant control normally consists of treating the stump with herbicides or cutting it altogether.


Maximum Yield Explains Woody

It is important to properly identify winter woody trees since some types of deciduous plants do not have any leaves therefore requiring more treatment and maintenance. Pruning woody plants can temporarily put a rein on apical dominance which consequently encourages lateral buds to grow into shoots.

Trimming woody plants has also been shown to enhance the tree’s root system which encourages it to absorb more nutrients and water. According to planters, adequate care should be taken when working with these plants in order to encourage regrowth. In fact, pruning encourages lateral shoots to grow since more light can make its way through the plant’s canopy.


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