Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Thug Mean?

In horticulture, a thug is a plant that has the potential to become a nuisance plant. A thug is a garden plant that is often intentionally planted, but soon may become a pest in the garden if given the right conditions.


Maximum Yield Explains Thug

Thug plants are often sold in garden supply stores and nurseries and are not considered a weed or an invasive species, but nevertheless they can really cause a problem in the garden. A thug plant differs from an invasive species in that they are not a consistent threat in all conditions.

Thug plants include trees and shrubs, climbers, bamboos or grasses, and herbaceous perennials. Popular, pompous grass, and golden rod can all be thug plants given the right conditions.

Some edible plans like blackberry or raspberry can become thug plants if not properly tended.

Control of thug plants varies. Organic control methods including manually digging, pulling, or hoeing them out, and removing used or drying seed heads and old blooms to prevent seeding. Herbicides containing glyphosate are suitable for controlling thugs.


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