Last Updated: January 31, 2017

Definition - What does Stigma mean?

The stigma is the sticky stem of the pistil of the female reproductive system in a plant. It is the portion of the ovary where pollen germinates and is essential for plant reproduction.

The stigma of a plant is sticky so it attracts and retains the pollen that falls upon it or is brought to it by pollinators.

MaximumYield explains Stigma

The female reproductive system of a plant includes a pistil formed from one to many rolled structures known as carpels, the ovary, which is the seed-bearing portion, and the stigma where the actual pollination occurs.

In dioecious species in which the male and female reproductive systems are on separate plants, birds, bees, and other insects collect pollen from the male flower and carry it to the stigma of the female.

Monoecious plants, where both reproductive systems are present on a single plant, are often self-pollinating. The pollen falls from the male portion of the plant onto the stigma of the female portion.

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