Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Sprout Mean?

A sprout is a shoot that emerges from a recently germinated seed, and is the beginning of the life cycle of the plant for a growing season.

After a seed is planted and receives water, it begins to swell and germinate, and within a few days the first sprout of new growth emerges from the soil. The sprout will then “harden” in the sun and begin the growth cycle.


Maximum Yield Explains Sprout

Some seeds are planted directly in the ground where they sprout after the seed has swelled with moisture and nutrients. In some climates and with some plants such as tomatoes, seeds are sprouted under the controlled conditions of a greenhouse and transplanted into a garden after they have grown into a seedling.

Some sprouts, such as alfalfa beans and radishes, are used as a food source and mixed in a salad.


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