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What Does Seed Mean?

A seed is the mature and fertilized ovule of the plant. Within the protective shell casing resides the embryo with its food supply.

When a seed is exposed to heat and moisture, it will germinate and grow into a plant.

Cannabis seedsCannabis seeds.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed

Seeds are crucial to the reproductive process of angiosperm as well as gymnosperm plants. Angiosperm seeds are produced in fruits within the tough, fleshy interior. On the other hand, gymnosperm seeds do not require any special structure to grow and develop directly on cone bracts. With time, they become gradually enclosed by the cone scales. The seed coat is developed from the ovule integuments while the embryo inside comes from the zygote.

Seed production varies in response to insects, climate, diseases, and the plant’s internal cycle. According to botanists, both spatulate and linear gymnosperms have two different types of seeds, while dicotyledons plants have 10 varieties of seeds and monocotyledon plants boast six various types of seeds.

Seeds vary widely in shape, size, and color, and can look different depending on the variety. For example, in cannabis cultivation, indica strains produce larger seeds than sativa strains.

Dioecious plants, such as marijuana, require both a female and male plant to reproduce, but in some cases, a plant is a true hermaphrodite and will produce both male and female flowers. The male flowers on a hermaphroditic plant can often fertilize the female flowers on the same plant to produce viable seeds, though these seeds are more likely to produce plants with hermaphroditic traits.

While male and female plants are needed if you intend to breed cannabis plants and then grow them from seed, most cannabis cultivation is focused on unpollinated female plants, sometimes referred to as 'sensimilla' (meaning 'without seeds'). In an attempt to grow only female cannabis plants, growers will often search for 'feminized seeds' from seed banks, which grow to become females. To be certain, many growers simply clone their female plants, ensuring they will only grow to be female.


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