Last Updated: April 24, 2019

Definition - What does Pigment mean?

Pigments are the naturally occurring coloring matter found in plant and animal tissues. The pigment gives the plant its signature color. Pigment can range from green to blue, purple, red, pink and gold. If pigments are expressed in the mature buds of a marijuana plant, the result is quite visually pleasing. A purple or bluish hue is endowed in the marijuana plants grown with the addition of pigments, yielding a resultant colorful and still organic product which is tailored to only contain natural compounds.

MaximumYield explains Pigment

In plants, the pigment that absorbs sunlight is called chlorophyll. The lower temperatures as the seasons change inhibit the production of chlorophyll. This allows the other pigments to emerge and to create more colorful strains of marijuana. Another pigment that can change the color of cannabis is anthocyanin. This is a flavonoid that also will color it blue or purple.

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