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What Does Pergola Mean?

Pergolas are landscaping structures that create shaded walkways, passageways, or sitting areas in gardens. They are typically made of vertical posts and pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice with woody vines.

Pergolas are a type of gazebo and may also be an extension of a building, serve as protection for an open terrace, or a link between pavilions that are different from green tunnels.

Pergolas are intended only for providing shade and aesthetics to a garden space. Depending on their design, the slats overhead intended to provide shade may be close enough together to support bridging snow.

Vining plants may or may not be added to pergolas to enhance their appeal.


Maximum Yield Explains Pergola

Pergolas can be placed almost anywhere in a backyard; some common locations include over an outdoor dining area, along the side of a pool, next to an outdoor fireplace, or even over a hot tub. A pergola can also be constructed over a pathway to provide a dramatic entrance into a yard or garden.

Traditional pergolas are constructed out of wood. The most popular types of wood for creating outdoor pergolas include pressure-treated pine, cedar, redwood, and teak. A wooden pergola will need to be stained and sealed and will require frequent maintenance.

Many homeowners have switched to aluminum or vinyl pergolas as they are easier to maintain and weather better than wood. Products such as Alumawood mimic the appearance, texture, and color of real wood while offering virtually a maintenance-free pergola that is not susceptible to insect damage or rot.

The price of pergolas depends on the size, material, and design complexity of their production.

Since a pergola has an open roof, it will not provide protection from the rain. In this case, a ramada should be used instead. A ramada is basically a pergola with a solid roof that is shingled to match the roof of the house. Ramadas are great for placing over an outdoor kitchen because they protect the appliances from getting damaged by rain.


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