Hydrated Lime

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Hydrated Lime Mean?

An instantly soluble product, hydrated lime is normally used in gardening to sweeten the soil or raise its pH level. This product is particularly helpful in acidic soil because this type of soil hinder food absorption since nutrients such as calcium and phosphates are usually blocked by an excess of acidity.


Maximum Yield Explains Hydrated Lime

Hydrated lime has also been shown to improve soil life and fertility. While this product is suitable for various types of garden soils, gardeners recommend against using it alongside manures, fertilizers and potting media. It is also recommended to use hydrated lime during winter, or right before digging. This product does not usually hinder young growth since it gradually creeps into effect over the winter.

It is also important to properly assess the soil pH prior to applying hydrated lime, especially when working with perennial plants such as fruit trees, shrubs and lawns. Soils that display a higher clay content usually require a more potent application of hydrated lime. Unlike dolomitic or limestone lime, hydrated lime interacts more quickly with the soil.


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