What Does Herbivore Mean?

Herbivores refer to animals, insects and microorganisms that only feed on vegetation. In fact, herbivores only feed on anything that undergoes photosynthesis and this food group eliminates fish, spiders, insects and virtually every type of animal. Garden wildlife and herbivores normally tend to feed on leaves as well as woody tissue, roots and sap.


Maximum Yield Explains Herbivore

Popular garden herbivores include- but are not limited to:

  • Certain types of beetle larvae and beetles such as chafers, leaf beetles and weevils
  • All species of butterflies and most species of moths
  • Bush-crickets
  • Some types of aphids, midges, flies and wasps
  • Different types of fly larvae such as leaf-miners, daddy long-legs and sawflies

Less common garden herbivores include rabbits, deer, voles and grass hopers. While amateur gardeners may regard herbivores as pests, it is important to garden for these creatures in order to ensure their conservation. According to botanists, herbivores are extremely important to food chains. Birds, for example, are dependent on certain types of invertebrates to survive and to feed their newborns.


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