Healing Garden

Last updated: January 29, 2019

What Does Healing Garden Mean?

A healing garden, also called a therapeutic garden, is one specifically designed to meet a range of needs, other than simply beauty or the production of food. These gardens are often associated with hospitals and other healing settings.


Maximum Yield Explains Healing Garden

The term healing garden, or sometimes therapeutic garden or restorative garden, denotes an outdoor space that was designed to provide physical, psychological and even spiritual heling. These are usually formal gardens featuring annuals and perennials, as well as trees and shrubs, and are made available to patients struggling to heal from health conditions and diseases.

Healing gardens manage to promote relief from many symptoms of health conditions, and can also reduce the stress that a patient suffers. Finally, they can provide an improvement in a patient’s overall sense of wellbeing.

All healing gardens are designed and constructed specifically. In some instances, they are intended to be used by any patient or family member at a hospital. However, it is more common for them to be designed to support the needs and recovery of specific patients – for instance, cancer patients, or those recovering from drug addiction, or eating disorders.

The term “design” implies many things here. Obviously, it refers to the overall layout and design of the garden, as well as the specific plants and even statuary that will be used. However, the desired outcome of spending time in the healing garden is also an important part of the overall design.

For instance, if the outcome is to enhance mental peace and spiritual calm, a healing garden might have a number of water features and benches for contemplation. If the desired outcome is physical rehabilitation, the garden will include features that encourage patients and other visitors to explore and amble.


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