Foliar Feeding

Last Updated: November 20, 2016

Definition - What does Foliar Feeding mean?

Foliar feeding is the application of fertilizer directly on the leaves of a plant. Although not considered an alternative for excellent soil and growing conditions, plants are able to absorb nutrients through their foliage. Foliar feeding is an excellent way to supply the micronutrients of iron and zinc, which garden plants may not need much of, but isn’t always available in the soil.

MaximumYield explains Foliar Feeding

Foliar fertilizer for home use is generally available in a handheld spray bottle, but for commercial use is often applied through an irrigation or misting system.

Foliar feeding can be as simple as the application of a homemade compost tea, or a complex blend of commercial fertilizer in liquid form. Seaweed extract is one form of widely used foliar fertilizer.

While evidence suggests foliar feeding doesn’t do much for already healthy plants, it is helpful for a boost if your plants are under stress, suffering from a bug infestation, disease, or drought.

Foliar feeding may also be known as foliar fertilization.

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