Last updated: November 29, 2018

What Does Nutrients Mean?

Nutrients are required to grow healthy cannabis plants. Hydroponic and soil growth methods all rely on key nutrients to produce an abundant crop of buds. In order for a marijuana plant to readily absorb nutrients, they must be water soluble. Most commercial nutrient preparations geared towards cannabis cultivation come in two forms 'growth' and 'bloom'. This gives the grower an idea of when to utilize each nutrient mixture. Some growers who opt to cultivate marijuana plants in the soil also use nutrient-rich products like worm castings, hummus, compost, and manure.


Maximum Yield Explains Nutrients

Nutrients that are used during a cannabis plant's growth phase are typically high in nitrogen. When the marijuana plant enters the bloom phase of its growth it requires less nitrogen and more phosphorus. Nutrients that are low in phosphorus are started when the marijuana plant starts to develop blooms. Switching the nutrients at this time encourage the plant to put all of its energy into bud production and less into vegetative growth. If a grower does not switch fertilizers at this key time in a marijuana plant's development then the plant will not make an ample crop and will instead just continue putting its energy into leaf productions.


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