Last updated: April 28, 2019

What Does Transpire Mean?

Transpire refers to the process of transpiration. The cannabis plant carries moisture through its roots and up into its foliage. The leaves of the marijuana plant have small pores located on the underside. The pores are called the plant's stomata. The water is secreted through the pores and turns to vapor. If the marijuana plant becomes injured then it will also transpire moisture from the injury site. A plant will transpire excessively during the growing season. It will usually transpire more water then its actual weight.


Maximum Yield Explains Transpire

Transpire in the marijuana plant slows when the humidity is high. The stomata of the plant start to close, transpiration is reduced, and the plant's growth also decreases. Transpiration of the cannabis plant is significantly slowed if the humidity rises to over 70 percent. If the humidity is kept at around 50 percent then the marijuana plant that stands three to four feet tall will easily transpire a gallon or more water. In a cannabis grow room, the humidity will decrease if heat is added. Ideally, marijuana plants should be grown in a humidity range of between 50 to 60 percent to guarantee that the plant can successfully transpire.


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