Green Dragon

What Does Green Dragon Mean?

“Green Dragon” may refer to a strain of Cannabis Indica that produces a strong body high, a cannabis tincture or “cannabis cocktail” usually made with vodka, or it may be referencing a Colorado based recreational cannabis dispensary that began in 2009 and operates several locations throughout the state.

The strain was developed in the 1970s by Master Thai, a breeder of some renown. It was developed as a cross between an Afghan Indica and a Turkish Indica. Other strains have since been developed with Green Dragon parentage. It is mostly used or prescribed as a stress reducer or a pain reliever.


Maximum Yield Explains Green Dragon

As a type of cannabis, it is said to have a minty, sweet or pine flavor. The aroma is also sweet with some likening it to berries or candy. As a tincture, it is the name (among numerous other names), for a marijuana infused alcohol that is some ratio of cannabis to alcohol with at least 60 proof. It is then allowed to sit for several weeks, being shaken occasionally. The cannabis is then strained and the liquid is usually applied under the tongue with an eye dropper. Numerous recipes exists with varying ingredients, ratios, wait times and instructions.


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