Pot Brownies

Last updated: December 29, 2018

What Does Pot Brownies Mean?

Pot brownies generally refer to chocolate or fudge based baked goods containing some amount of cannabis. Cannabis plant material may be added to a traditional brownie mix, but more often it is prepared by using a cannabis infused fat such as cannabutter or cannaoil, as the THC is more available that way.

There are numerous slang and alternative terms for pot brownies, including “weed brownies” ,”hash brownies”, “hash browns”, “hashies”, “fun brownies”, “special brownies”, and “space cakes” to name but a few. Their introduction to modern culture is credited to a 1954 cookbook written by Alice B. Toklas.


Maximum Yield Explains Pot Brownies

Pot brownies are the ubiquitous cannabis edible. Even those who have never tried them are generally familiar with the term and their intended usage. Like any edible marijuana product, the effects do not begin to appear until well after it has been consumed, meaning that the potential for overdosing is greater than for those who consume cannabis by smoking or vaping. Effects often do not kick in for an hour or more, and can last anywhere from three to twelve hours. Those new to cannabis edibles are advised to observe portion control, clear their calendars and use the buddy system until they have learned what their tolerances are.


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