Weed Tea

What Does Weed Tea Mean?

Cannabis tea is a warm or cold beverage made primarily with cannabis and water. Instead of inhaling the cannabis, it is absorbed through the digestive tract. Consuming cannabis tea is comparable to that of other edibles, in that the effects may take longer to be noticeable and therefore there is a greater risk for over consumption than for consumption of cannabis by smoking. Cannabis tea can be made from any part of the cannabis plant including the stems. Like any other teas, cannabis tea is often sweetened with honey, syrup or sugar or is diluted with milk or cream based on the consumer’s taste(s).


Maximum Yield Explains Weed Tea

There are several methods to make cannabis tea. Freshly ground cannabis can be steeped in water, along with a source of fat such as butter to extract the THC. The “grounds” left over from cannabis that has been vaped can be used as well. An alternative method of preparing cannabis tea is to use any flavor of tea, and use cannabutter as the fat source. For those not looking for the effects of THC, ground cannabis can be mixed with other ground teas and steeped without a fat source to get the benefits of THCA, a non-high inducing, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory form of THC.


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