CO2 Oil

What Does CO2 Oil Mean?

CO2 oil, is a “clean” product created by way of the supercritical fluid extraction method. It is used in the production of vaping fluids and is favored because of its ability to retain a high amount of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is preferable to the previously method of extraction that used butane or other petroleum products, so that the end consumer does not have to inhale those potentially harmful substances. CO2 oil is not being used solely in the cannabis industry; it’s also being used in the food flavoring, coffee, tea, tobacco, beer, fragrance and even the alternative energy industries.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Oil

Those wishing to use CO2 oil to make their own extracts can do so by making use of dry ice. Finely ground cannabis can be placed into a food grade bucket and covered in dry ice. The bucket should be shaken thoroughly to make sure that all of the cannabis comes into contact with the dry ice. A mesh filter can be placed over the opening and the sifted kief can be dumped out onto a clean surface and collected for later use. Using a series of gradually larger mesh filters can allow for varying grades of the kief hash.


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