General Hydroponics (GH)

What Does General Hydroponics (GH) Mean?

General Hydroponics (GH) is a California-based company started in 1976 to supply, what was then, an underserved group of indoor hydroponic growers. They were not the first, nor the biggest, but became a well-known name in the hydroponic industry with their lines of nutrients and pH adjusters.

Many cannabis growers used and continue to use GH products in the production of marijuana. Though much of GH’s business growth was attributable to the underground cannabis industry, the company publicly distanced itself from it. General Hydroponics emphatically stated over the years that their products were designed for and tested on only food and ornamental crops.


Maximum Yield Explains General Hydroponics (GH)

The General Hydroponics brands gained headlines in 2015, when they were purchased by lawn and garden industry giant, Scott’s Miracle-Gro’s hydroponic subsidiary, the Hawthorne Gardening Company.

The acquisition of GH by Scott’s caused divergent reactions in the cannabis growing community. Some were elated that such a high profile company saw the value in investing in products that served the cannabis industry, while others thought that GH had “sold out” and vowed to no longer use their products. They (GH) is and was not alone. Other well-known brands serving the cannabis industry such as Botanicare and Gavita Horticultural Lighting were also purchased by Hawthorne Gardening Company.


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