PK Booster

Definition - What does PK Booster mean?

PK Boosters are nutrient solutions marketed to cannabis growers during the flowering phase of production. A typical fertilizer will display prominently on its label the N-P-K content. The “P” represents the macro-nutrient phosphorous and the “K” represents the macro-nutrient potassium. As the name implies, PK booster provide higher amounts of phosphorous and potassium and do not provide nitrogen. Most, but not all growers would contend that nitrogen during the flowering phase will compromise the size or quality of the buds.

There are numerous variations and formulations of PK Boosters on the market. Some common ones are 0-10-6, 0-13-14, and 0-18-16, among many others.

MaximumYield explains PK Booster

The particular strain of cannabis being grown will dictate when to use a PK Booster (if needed) and how much. Some use it as a matter of course, but too much of any nutrient can be detrimental to your plants and a PK Booster may not always be needed on otherwise healthy plants.

Though each grower may apply the PK Booster of their choice at different times, in general, strains that take 50-60 days will get an application of PK somewhere around week four, strains that take 60 – 70 days will get a boost of PK at week five and some growers may push it into the beginning of week six. Almost no grower will apply a PK boost after week six.

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