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What Does Joint Mean?

Joint is the term applied to a marijuana cigarette – cannabis bud material rolled in a cigarette paper, and then smoked. It is similar to other means of smoking marijuana, such as blunts and spliffs, but is unique due to the small size and the use of rolling papers, rather than tobacco leaves or mixed with tobacco material.


Maximum Yield Explains Joint

Humans have been consuming cannabis since we first learned of its psychoactive properties. As such, an incredibly wide range of consumption methods has been devised. Cannabis can be cooked. It can be concentrated into oil. It can be vaporized. However, perhaps the most popular method of consumption is to smoke it, and for that, the joint is the most common method used today.

Dating back to the first recorded use in 1856, a joint is little more than a cannabis cigarette – small pieces of cannabis bud material are sprinkled over a rolling paper, the paper is rolled up and sealed, and then the joint is smoked. However, there are similar methods of smoking cannabis that might lead to confusion.

Joints are distinct from blunts, for instance. Both methods use cannabis, but a blunt uses tobacco paper or tobacco leaves (like a cigar) rather than cigarette rolling papers. The result is a cigar-sized serving of cannabis.

Spliffs are even more similar to joints, at least in appearance. This is because they use cigarette rolling papers, so they are usually the same size, and are visually identical. However, spliffs don’t use pure cannabis. Instead, cannabis is mixed with tobacco, and then rolled and smoked.

Note that there are many, many other ways to smoke cannabis other than a joint, spliff or blunt. For instance, pipes and hookahs are both very popular. Chillums are also gaining in popularity today.


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