Last updated: January 31, 2019

What Does Stoner Mean?

Stoner is a term used to describe an individual who enjoys partaking of marijuana. It is often seen as a negative term, though, and carries connotations of an individual lacking appropriate mental faculties or acting in a way that shows they are obviously impaired (stoned) due to marijuana use.


Maximum Yield Explains Stoner

The term “stoner” is usually applied to an individual who does drugs, particularly marijuana, but other drugs can be included. They are generally very laid back, often to the point that they lack ambition, or act in a way that shows they are mentally and/or physically impaired due to drug consumption. Interestingly, stoner has both positive associations and negative connotations.

In general use within mainstream culture, stoner is largely a negative term. It generally applies to people who use cannabis purely for recreational reasons, and usually for those who use it very heavily (although it can be applied to those who’ve only tried marijuana once by someone who believes that any drug use whatsoever is wrong).

In the counter culture, the term stoner has more positive associations. It is used by cannabis connoisseurs to indicate that someone is part of the wider family, and part of the cannabis culture, for instance.

There are plenty of references to both the term and common stereotypes in mainstream media. For example, Cheech and Chong are celebrities within cannabis culture, but they also portray the negative implications of the term quite well. Other celebrities that have a reputation as being stoners include James Franco and Seth Rogen, particularly in the film Pineapple Express. Snoop Dogg is another prime example of a celebrity who accepts and even promotes their status as a “stoner”.


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