Space Cake

What Does Space Cake Mean?

A “Space Cake” is a form of edible cannabis. It can be any cake, pastry, muffin or generically any baked good that is prepared using cannabis butter. Space cakes, like any other form of edible run the gamut of THC levels and other ingredients. Most consumers of space cakes experience body highs that can last for quite a while.

Some individuals contend that true Space Cakes are made only with hash and not any other form of cannabis. Recipes abound online and in print with thousands of variations and potential ingredients. There are as many different types of possible Space Cakes as any other “traditional” baked good.


Maximum Yield Explains Space Cake

The effects of consuming a Space Cake, like most cannabis edibles, are delayed; overdosing is a possibility especially when eating them for the first time. It can take more than an hour to begin to feel it kick in. As such, care should be taken to not over consume. Numerous online forums exist explaining the potential dangers of eating too much Space Cake, which types to avoid, where in Amsterdam to purchase them, etc. First time consumers are advised to start small, know what you are getting and be around trusted friends in case you do unintentionally consume too much.


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