Flowering Room

Last Updated: March 31, 2019

Definition - What does Flowering Room mean?

A flowering room is a space dedicated to plants about to flower, and those that are currently flowering, within an indoor growing setup. Most indoor growing setups have dedicated areas for plants in different stages of growth and development, which allows growers to deliver the right amount of nutrients, light, moisture and temperature for each stage of growth.

MaximumYield explains Flowering Room

Cannabis is primarily grown indoors because the plants have very specific temperature, light and nutrient requirements. For growers, this means the need to set up an indoor growing system that maximizes their ability to feed and water plants without increasing costs dramatically. Most setups are divided into different areas, with each area housing plants in different stages of development. A flowering room is one example of this.

In a basic indoor growing setup, you might have two dedicated spaces: a veg room, and a flowering room. Of the two, the veg room should be the smaller of the two, as it will be used to hold plants during their initial growth and development but not when they prepare to flower.

The flowering room will be used to hold plants just before, during, and immediately after flowering. This room should be significantly larger than the veg room to account for the larger size of cannabis plants in bloom, and to ensure that lighting systems can be arranged to optimize growth and bud development.

Other unique considerations will also need to be made within the flowering room. For instance, cannabis plants will require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark while flowering, which means that not only will this room need its own lighting system and timer, but also that it will need a physical partition from the veg room.

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