What Does Dinachem Mean?

Dinachem is a cannabis strain developed and produced by Dinafem, a cannabis seed company. It is derived from Chemdawg ’91 and Guava Chem, and builds on the characteristics for which Chemdawg was originally prized. While it does contain some sativa, this strain is primarily indica, and affects the body more than the mind when consumed.


Maximum Yield Explains Dinachem

While there have been a wide range of cannabis strains developed over the decades, few have attained the fame of Chemdawg ’91. While the original strain might be lost to time, there are derivations out there. Dinachem is one of them.

Developed by cannabis seed company Dinafem, Dinachem is an interesting indica strain that breeds Chemdawg ’91 and Guava Chem to create a strain that delivers up to 23% THC content, as well as a body-focused buzz. The aroma combines citrus with pine and fuel (similar to the scent of diesel strains).

The strain features the potency of the original Chemdawg strain, but infuses that with tropical fruit notes and flavors. This strain is also known for its ability to withstand the effects of moisture, and to repel pests.

Dinachem has a number of medicinal uses. Treating chronic pain is one of the most common, due to the high concentration of indica in the strain’s lineage. However, it can also be used to treat loss of appetite, as well as nausea and even stress. In some instances, it has been used to treat depression, but a sativa strain would be better suited for that purpose.

Note that while this is an indica strain, it is not known for creating a sensation of “couch lock”, and it can have a somewhat energizing effect on the mind, as well, although not to the extent of a true sativa strain.


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