Burp Your Nugs

What Does Burp Your Nugs Mean?

To “burp your nugs” is to remove air from glass jars that contain bud material during the curing process. As cannabis buds cure and dry, moisture is released and CO2 gas is produced. When cured in a sealed container, pressure builds up. Burping the jars allows both pressure and moisture to be released.


Maximum Yield Explains Burp Your Nugs

The cannabis curing process is actually quite lengthy and complicated, with a number of important steps. Air drying is one of the initial steps, but bud material cannot be left “out in the wild”, or it will lose too much moisture. To combat that problem, and to ensure that optimum moisture levels can be achieved while also reaching the right flavor production, cannabis can be matured in sealed glass jars (mason jars, for instance). When pressure and moisture build up within those jars, burping is required. In cannabis culture, this would be a need to, “burp your nugs”.

Burping is a common process found in any fermenting or maturation process where the product is stored in a sealed container. For instance, fermenting foods in mason jars also requires burping to expel excess gasses and pressure within the jar.

There are many variables that determine how often you must “burp your nugs,” and for how long. One of those is the desired humidity level in the finished cannabis. Another is the starting humidity level of the plant material. Of course, you also need to account for other factors, such as the temperature of the area where the drying is taking place, the altitude, and even the humidity level outside of the sealed jars.

Most growers burp their jars once per day, for about 10 seconds per burp. However, that schedule can and should be adjusted to meet individual unique maturation conditions.


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