What Does Humidor Mean?

Humidors have been used for hundreds of years to keep tobacco fresh and moist, and they serve the same function with cannabis. However, a cannabis humidor will have important features, like an airtight seal and a lock to prevent others from accessing your stash.


Maximum Yield Explains Humidor

The humidor has been used for a very long time to protect tobacco products from drying out in the air. The most familiar use of these is for cigars, but any tobacco product can be stored within a humidor for safekeeping and maturation. The same concept applies to a humidor used for cannabis.

Cannabis is natural plant material. In order to enjoy it to its utmost, you need to ensure that the moisture levels within the bud remain ideal. While buds are dried before consumption, it’s important to realize that the moisture content does not drop to 0%. It’s lowered to a preset point, and that can vary depending on the strain in question.

By using a humidor, you are able to maintain the ideal moisture level in a way that is impossible with plastic baggies, or even plastic food storage containers. Most humidors are made from wood, which can add a nice scent to your cannabis, but you can also find them made from acrylic and glass, as well as metal.

When choosing a humidor, it’s important to make sure that it’s a good size, and can hold your stash comfortably, that it has an airtight seal that will last for years to come, and that it can be locked to prevent unwanted access. You might also want to ensure that the humidor has a way to maintain humidity levels inside when closed and locked, such as a sponge, and ventilation to maintain those levels between 58% and 62% at all times.


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