Odor Control

Definition - What does Odor Control mean?

Odor Control consists of numerous methods aimed at reducing or eliminating the normal smells associated with cannabis, primarily production, but also transport. Strategies for dealing with odor control in production settings include the use of carbon filters, HEPA filters and odor neutralizers. Some growers that can afford to invest in newer technology are able to produce cannabis in a sealed growing environment where odor can be pumped away, often underground.

Individuals needing to conceal the aroma of cannabis may use common containers such as glass or plastic, but also have a wide range of commercially produced bags and containers that are specifically designed to trap or conceal the aromas of cannabis.

MaximumYield explains Odor Control

Odor control in any cannabis operation, regardless of scale, is a challenge. Some growers need to prevent any noticeable cannabis aromas from escaping their growing areas to remain discreet, others are legally obligated to do so. The high costs associated with odor control prevent many small scale growers from scaling up to larger operations.

Growers of any crop, typically ventilate their greenhouses and grow rooms in an effort to reduce temperature and improve airflow in their growing environment. Growers of cannabis crops do not necessarily have this option if they are growing in proximity to any other business or residence.

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