Harvesting Buds

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Harvesting Buds Mean?

The harvesting of buds from a cannabis plant is a matter of timing when they are just right for the desired effect. Depending on the particular strain, buds that are ready to be harvested will show signs in their pistils and trichromes and the plant may show signs in its stems and leaves.
A less precise way to know when to harvest buds is to research when the particular strain being grown should be flowering. Sativas and indicas flower at different times, so knowing indicas will be ready about eight weeks after flowering and that sativas will be ready ten to twelve weeks after flowering will give a general guideline.


Maximum Yield Explains Harvesting Buds

Trial and error will ultimately be the best guide as to when any individual growers decides it’s time to harvest their buds. Stems may enlarge and leaves may start to turn yellow when it is time to harvest. The white, hair-like pistils will darken and curl on the bud. When at least 2/3rds of them have done so, it is probably time to start harvesting. With a hand lens or other type of magnifier, look at the tiny trichomes; they should look like mushrooms with a stem and “ball” on top. If these appear clear, it is too early to harvest; once they turn cloudy or white, it is time to start harvesting.


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