Cannabis Testing

What Does Cannabis Testing Mean?

Cannabis Testing refers to the analysis that an individual sample of cannabis may be examined to determine such things as THC, CBD and terpene levels as well as for contaminants and impurities such as residual solvents, mold, disease, pests or pesticide residue. Each individual state and municipality can impose its own standards and regulations for what needs to be tested and printed on cannabis labels. Individual growers may opt for more stringent standards and go as far as to have their samples tested for CBC and CBG levels. Cannabis testing should be performed only by certified chemists and lab technicians.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Testing

Cannabis testing is not yet standardized. Different labs may use different procedures such that the same sample of cannabis analyzed by different labs may return different, even conflicting results. As the legal cannabis industry is still in its infancy, standards will inevitably be set by the industry, until then, the onus is on the consumer to make sure that the lab testing any particular sample is a reputable one who adheres to the standards and protocols of any other professional lab. Another criticism of the cannabis testing process is that the sample that has been tested may or may not be from the same strain or batch as the sample being purchased, meaning that the results posted on the label may not in fact reflect the cannabis to be consumed.


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