Growroom Automation

Last updated: January 26, 2019

What Does Growroom Automation Mean?

Growroom Automation can refer to any of a whole suite of options available to the modern grower of cannabis or other crops. It encompasses such things as mechanical controls for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, light, fertilization and irrigation that can be operated by timers, sensors or remotely on a range of wireless platforms and smart devices. These may be stand-alone devices such as thermostats that control vents or shade curtains, or centralized systems with a "brain" that can monitor and take action in series or in tandem where and when needed in a growroom operation or even multiple operations managed by the same automation system(s).


Maximum Yield Explains Growroom Automation

Growroom automation is not a new concept, but as technology advances, so do the options available in growroom and greenhouse automation. Automation in the growroom can mean more consistent results with cannabis crops and fewer hands involved in its production.

Like any system or series of systems, automation does not come without its drawbacks. The more complex a growroom automation system, the more costly it becomes. Maintenance is a constant issue with any system as well to ensure smooth operation. The "art" of growing is also lost, the more automated a growroom becomes, but conversely, automation allows more individuals to enter into the fields of growing cannabis.


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