Green Manure

Last updated: August 23, 2018

What Does Green Manure Mean?

In gardening, green manure refers to the process of turning a cover crop back into the soil in order to improve both soil quality and fertility. These plants are specifically grown to be dug right back into the soil afterward. Green manures are especially beneficial against weeds since they contain soluble nutrients while creating a protective cover.


Maximum Yield Explains Green Manure

Clover and field beans are often used in green manure because these add nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. Extremely budget-friendly, green manure can drastically improve the fertility of the soil which can provide more drought resistance in extreme weather conditions.

Biologically fertile soils can also help the plants to fight pests while resisting different types of plant diseases. In some cases, green manure has also been shown to offer readily available micro-nutrients to the next crop. Additionally, it prevents erosion while reducing the crop’s exposure to leaching.

When working with green manure, it is advisable that the plants are completely covered by organic mulches and mowed down before going to seed. It is also important to ensure that the crops are properly tilled in because an overly deep or shallow tilling can trigger soil fertility and texture issues.


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