Marc Emery

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Marc Emery Mean?

Marc Emery is often called the 'Prince of Pot'. He is an avid cannabis rights activist. In 1994, he opened a store in Vancouver, B.C. called 'Hemp BC'. In the store, he sold a wide array of paraphernalia that was not widely available in Canada at that time. He also started selling seeds. Unfortunately, his outspoken stance on marijuana and his store's shady practices landed him legal trouble several times. By 1997, he had substantially expanded his store but was still facing mounting legal pressure.


Maximum Yield Explains Marc Emery

Marc Emery sold his store in 1998. His strong support of legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use landed him a documentary called "Prince of Pot: The US vs. Marc Emery". His life was also the focus of a documentary called 'Citizen Marc'. In 2000, he formed the Marijuana Party of Canada. The party's sole intention was to push the legalization of marijuana. He would face many legal battles both in the United States and Canada. Finally, in 2017, the courts issued a ban that stated he could never possess or sell cannabis products again. He was placed on two years probation.


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