Cannabis Coffee

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Cannabis Coffee Mean?

Cannabis coffee is often referred to as the ‘hippie speedball’. It is a combination of coffee and cannabis.

For decades, marijuana users have regularly woke up to ‘wake and bake’. Smoking a joint and drinking a cup of coffee produces a pleasing physical reaction.

However, with the popularity of edibles growing, many people are purchasing pre-made cannabis-laced coffee to brew in their coffeepots.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Coffee

The combination of weed and caffeine has an interesting effect on the user. The caffeine increases the user’s physical energy and the marijuana cannabinoids help relax and remove the jitters. Researchers have found caffeine and cannabis appear to complement each other. Coffee intake may make your body require less marijuana to remain high.

Cannabis coffee has a long history. In the 1840s a group of Parisians would regularly gather together at the Club de Hashischins to drink hashish-laced coffee that also contained a splash of cinnamon, nutmeg, pistachio, cloves, butter cantharides, and sugar. They believed the drink helped to inspire their intellectual capabilities.

In 2009, Rob Cantrell produced the music video Coffee and Weed. Nowadays, with cannabis legal for recreational and medicinal use in numerous states, many edible manufacturing companies make cannabis coffees that are precisely dosed, cannabinoid concoctions.

Cannabis coffee is now available at numerous recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries. However, it's also simple to make on your own. keeping in mind the rules of decarboxylation in order to activate the cannabinoids.


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