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What Does Grow Medium Mean?

Grow media (singular form of media is “medium”) is the term used to describe the range of substrates that plants are produced in. This could be soil, soilless media such as potting soils, stones or mined materials like perlite and vermiculite, fibers such as coir or rockwool or water or nutrient solutions as in hydroponics or numerous other substances suitable for plant culture. Each grow media has a range of pros and cons and conditions that it may be suitable for and different crops respond differently in various media.

Most individual growers have a preferred grow media based on their own growing conditions and experiences.


Maximum Yield Explains Grow Medium

Common grow media for cannabis production includes composts, soilless mixes, and nutrient solutions for hydroponically grown marijuana. Soils with high compost often have a nutrient load that is available to cannabis plants, but care needs to be taken that insects and diseases are not inadvertently cultivated as well as these soils may not drain as quickly as soilless media.

Soilless media is often sterile, which means that it is only there to provide structure and support for the roots, but not food. Nutrients generally need to be provided through fertilization for cannabis grown in soilless media. For cannabis grown hydroponically, care needs to be taken to ensure adequate circulation so that roots get sufficient oxygen.


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