Canna Clinic

Last updated: August 26, 2018

What Does Canna Clinic Mean?

Canna Clinic is a medical marijuana provider located in Canada. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, with locations in British Columbia as well.

As a dispensary, the Canna Clinic sells a wide array of medical marijuana products and accessories, as well as numerous smokeless marijuana products such as extracts, oils, suppositories, and topical products. They also offer non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) dominant products.

There are also a wide array of vaporizers and smoking accessories for sale at each Canna Clinic location. Members can visually see and smell various strains of marijuana and discuss the benefits with the trained cannabis staff.


Maximum Yield Explains Canna Clinic

The Canna Clinic was formed not only to provide medical marijuana products and accessories but also to educate about cannabis and to offer workshops.

In order to shop at the Canna Clinic, a person must first become a member. The Canna Clinic provides free consultations with medical care professionals to decide if cannabis is the right medical therapy for individuals seeking medical marijuana assistance. After medical marijuana is determined to be a viable treatment option by the medical staff at the Canna Clinic, then the person is considered a member of the dispensary and can purchase cannabis products and accessories.

Recently k been waging a legal battle against the Canna Clinic in an effort to shut down the various dispensaries.

Note that the term 'canna clinic' is rarely used to refer to a medical marijuana dispensary, aside from when referring to the select locations. The terms dispensary, compassion club, cooperative, or access point are more common.


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