Canna Virus

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Canna Virus Mean?

Canna virus, or canna viruses, refers to various viruses that often afflict the cannabis plant. It is a simpler way to say 'cannabis virus' and does not stand for any one particular virus.

Once a marijuana plant contracts a virus, it will remain permanently infected. There is no cure. The viruses can also be transmitted via the plant’s pollen and seeds to other marijuana plants.

Viruses often reside in a grow room or greenhouse on equipment, soil, cultivation tools, and all other surfaces for decades if everything is not effectively sanitized using a virucide.


Maximum Yield Explains Canna Virus

Canna viruses are usually spread via insect infestations such as aphids, whiteflies, or thrips. Seeds, clones, and pollen are also virus vectors, so it is important to purchase such plant material only from reputable vendors.

The tobacco mosaic virus, which often afflicts marijuana plants, comes from tobacco and can be spread to grow room and greenhouse plants via cigarettes.

Stress and poor grow room or greenhouse hygiene can also let viruses take hold and decimate plants. One of the best ways to deal with canna viruses is to prevent them from taking a strong foothold in the grow room. This is done through adhering to best grow room practices, such as maintaining humidity levels, temperatures, and so on. However, viruses are much more difficult to prevent than pests or bacterial infections.

Cannabis plants afflicted with a virus may exhibit yellow leaves, streaking leaf discolorations, deformed leaves, weak growth, decreased production, weak stems, and dried leaves. Some plants may completely die but others may continue to live but fail to thrive.


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