Last updated: May 28, 2021

What Does Banger Mean?

A banger is a flat-bottomed bowl at the end of a dab rig for dabbing an extract or concentrate.

A banger is considered a type of dab nail. A dab nail is the general term for the piece of a dab rig that functions the same as the bowl on a bong: it’s where an extract or concentrate is vaporized with heat for inhalation.

Bangers can be made of glass, titanium, ceramic, or ideally, of quartz.

Quartz Banger


Maximum Yield Explains Banger

Bangers come in all shapes and sizes designed to fit a variety of dab rigs. Newer configurations including thermal bangers, honey buckets, and terp slurpers/vacuums can improve both the dabbing experience and its efficiency. New thermochromic bangers even change color when they reach an ideal temperature.

Carb caps and banger beads are accessories that complete the modern banger kit and add to the performance of a dab rig.

A banger is used by heating with a torch or heating element to between 400 and 600F. a small amount of an extract or vapeable concentrate is then “dabbed” into the banger. The resulting vapor is quickly inhaled through the dab rig.


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