Definition - What does Banger mean?

A banger is a dish that holds a cannabis concentrate on an oil dab rig. It is typically circular in shape. The banger is usually made of quartz, ceramic, titanium, or glass. It is specifically designed to withstand the extremely high temperatures required to vaporize a cannabis concentrate.

A banger needs to be capable of holding the concentrate at the ideal temperature to release the dab’s many flavorful terpenes and vaporize the concentrate.

MaximumYield explains Banger

A banger needs to successfully retain heat. If the banger has a 3-mm wall, it can retain heat for a very long period of time, but bangers come in different wall thicknesses. Typically, a thicker-walled banger has a higher price tag.

The banger’s heat retention brings out the concentrates flavor and makes the nail last a long time. Most well-designed bangers have a small hole that restricts air flow nicely.

In the early days, bangers were made from glass, but glass tends to break after being repeatedly heated, so glass bangers have fallen out of popularity. In recent years, quartz has become the ideal high-end material to craft bangers.

In addition to bangers, there are a few other dabbing accessories that are required or desired by those who dab, including nails, mats, and domes.

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