Open-Air Dab Rig

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Open-Air Dab Rig Mean?

An open-air dab rig is dab rig does not feature a carb cap or a domed nail. When the concentrate is heated, it continues to burn and vaporize on the nail.

If the nail is domeless and there is no carb cap then the vapor just evaporates into the open air. This is a waste of a cannabis concentrate. With an open-air dab rig the cannabis concentrate is torched and starts to vaporize, the user inhales and then must cover the open-air nail with a carb cap to prevent the vapor from escaping into the atmosphere.

Many cannabis users consider an open-air dab rig to be wasteful, so fitting it with a carb cap minimizes the lost vapor.


Maximum Yield Explains Open-Air Dab Rig

The open-air dab rig features a domeless nail or dish that holds the cannabis concentrate. When the dab is heated, it starts to vaporize. The user inhales the vapor. However, after inhaling the vapor, the cannabis concentrate still continues to vaporize. An open-air dab rig allows the vapor to drift off into the atmosphere and be lost. Many users feel this is a waste of a good dab.

A dab rig that features a domed nail does not let the vapor escape the way that an open-air dab rig does. Most users of an open-air dab rig benefit from using a carb cap to trap the vapor in the nail or dish until the user is again ready to take a hit or two. Some open-air dab rigs can also be retrofitted with a domed nail.


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