Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Rimonabant Mean?

Rimonabant is a synthetic chemical that blocks the reception of endocannabinoids in the brain. Because the brain does not receive these signals, the appetite is suppressed, which can help in weight loss.

Rimonabant was briefly used to block endocannabinoids from reception in the brain by cannabinoid receptor CB1 to reduce appetite. The desired effect of Rimonabant was weight loss, as a means to counter or treat obesity.

Note that as of the time of this writing, Rimonabant is no longer sold anywhere in the world, and manufacturing stopped in 2008.


Maximum Yield Explains Rimonabant

The power and capabilities of cannabinoids have inspired scientists around the world to create synthetic versions of marijuana, as well as synthetic chemicals that counteract cannabinoids in the brain and body.

When you first think about cannabis, you may not immediately equate it with appetite suppression and weight loss. Really, chances are good that you think of getting the “munchies”, and the weight gain that comes from eating junk food. However, modern science has taken inspiration from the way that cannabis affects the brain to create a number of synthetic drugs.

Note that Rimonabant is not legal in the US, and was never granted FDA approval. It is legal in Europe, but the EMEA has recommended that the drug be removed from circulation and the manufacturer be disallowed from marketing it due to serious psychiatric issues tied to the use of the drug. In fact, studies showed that patient taking Rimonabant (under the brand name Acomplia) doubled their risk of developing psychiatric disorders.

The most common side effects (psychiatric disorders) developed by patients taking this drug were depression and anxiety. Up to 1% of those taking the drug suffered from suicidal ideation. Other issues caused by or linked to intake of the drug include upper respiratory infections, insomnia, vomiting, muscle cramps, fatigue and flu-like symptoms.


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