Aurora Cannabis

Last updated: June 15, 2021

What Does Aurora Cannabis Mean?

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian-based cannabis producer focusing on medical marijuana. The company’s tagline is “The Healing Power of Nature”. Not only does Aurora work with dispensaries, but the company provides education for consumers/patients, connects users with doctors and support staff, and has their own network of cultivators.

Aurora Cannabis is a large company and in fact claims to be the most technologically advanced cannabis company operating in Canada. In fact, the company operates the only purpose-built grow facility in Canada, which covers a staggering 55,200 square feet.


Maximum Yield Explains Aurora Cannabis

With the rise of legalized cannabis, North America has seen an explosion in marijuana-related businesses. These range from growing operations to dispensaries to edibles companies to magazines and other publications dedicated to cannabis. One company that is making significant waves is Aurora Cannabis, which posted $14.6 million (CAD) in sales for 2017.

The firm does a little of everything, using its own network of cultivators to supply partner distributors and doctors throughout Canada and the US. In fact, the company’s growth has been so strong that they’re currently valued at $1 billion.

The success of Aurora is based on four tenets – affordable cannabis pricing, flat-rate pricing, free shipping within Canada, and the ability to influence the development of future strains and products offered to customers.

Aurora continues to recruit farmers, particularly those in rural Alberta, where the company is located. This allows them to constantly grow their supplier base, while keeping their overhead low. The result is low-priced, high-quality product available to customers throughout Canada and the US. The company is already developing the infrastructure necessary to supply customers in Europe, once the EU legalizes cannabis there.


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