510 Threaded

Definition - What does 510 Threaded mean?

510 threaded is a term used to describe the threading that connects vape cartridges and batteries – there are 10 screw threads, and the cartridge is generally five millimeters in length (510). However, there are other configurations out there, including 808 and others.

Note that some batteries actually have both 510 threaded ends, as well as eGo threads, allowing you to use a wider range of canisters/cartridges to enjoy your cannabis. Many atomizers and mods also use 510 threading. However, that is not true for all, so you need to shop with care.

MaximumYield explains 510 Threaded

While vaping might be more synonymous with nicotine intake and smoking cessation, it has made inroads into the world of cannabis consumption, as well.

In practice, vaping cannabis oil works just like vaping nicotine. THC-bearing oil is added to a cartridge or canister, which is then attached to a battery. Pressing the button on the battery heats up the oil, vaporizing it, and allowing you to inhale the vapor. Then, the THC in the vapor enters the body through your lung tissue as usual.

There are quite a few different styles and formats when it comes to vaping equipment. However, 510 threaded equipment has become the standard, particularly for those just getting started in vaping.

If you purchase a smaller pen-style vaporizer that takes cartridges or small canisters, you’ll have 10 screw threads that connect the battery to your oil receptacle, and the receptacle will usually be five millimeters in length (510).

With that being said, there’s a lot of variance out there. Newer vape systems may have an 808 setup. Or, you could purchase a larger battery and special tank (creating what’s called a mod), rather than using a pen-style vaporizer.

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