What Does Griffa Mean?

Griffa, or grifa, is a slang term meaning marijuana. It is related to the term greefa, which means joint, although it can also be used to mean marijuana.


Maximum Yield Explains Griffa

Slang terms for cannabis are found throughout most global cultures. For example, Mary Jane, pot, weed, reefer, dope – they all refer to cannabis. The same thing applies to languages other than English. Griffa is a good example of such a slang term – it means marijuana, but can also refer to a joint.

Griffa can be spelled in a number of ways, including grifa, greefa, griff, griffo and grefa. All of them mean the same thing. It originated along the US-Mexican border, and was primarily used when speaking English by native Spanish speakers. The word first gained prominence during the 1930s and remains in use today by those with Hispanic ancestry, particularly Chicanos and Mexicans.

Note that griffa (or the other variants mentioned above) can be applied to almost anything in conjunction with marijuana, including people. For instance, it is noted in at least one slang dictionary that giffo is generally applied to a person smoking marijuana, rather than to the marijuana itself.


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