Pack a Bowl

Last updated: September 25, 2018

What Does Pack a Bowl Mean?

The phrase ‘pack a bowl’ refers to filling the bowl of a bong or a pipe with dried cannabis so that it can be consumed.

In order to pack a bowl successfully, the user will need broken down any weed that is not too finely ground. The cannabis should be in small bits that easily fit into the bowl's basin.

Although it may seem relatively easy to pack a bowl with marijuana, it does take a bit of knowledge and skill.


Maximum Yield Explains Pack a Bowl

The bowl is typically a rounded device that features a basin to hold the weed. Users often opt to place a screen into the base of the bowl of a pipe prior to placing the marijuana plant material into the reservoir.

A screen prevents the user from inadvertently inhaling small pieces of burning cannabis which is beneficial for medical marijuana users who have lung conditions. The screen acts as a barrier that prevents the burning weed from entering the chamber of the pipe or bong. It also creates air flow. Once the screen is placed snugly into the base of the bowl, it is time to insert the cannabis onto the top of the screen.

Place the cannabis into the bowl of the pipe on top of the screen. At the base of the bowl, the cannabis should be placed lightly and towards the top of the bowl, the marijuana should be packed denser. This lets the plant material at the bottom of the bowl burn more readily and creates a lit cherry.

The cherry will remain lit for an extended time period so the user does not need to apply the lighter for every hit. It also allows airflow around the plant material which makes inhalation easier.


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