Last updated: April 26, 2019

What Does Swisher Mean?

Swisher is a brand of cigars that dates back to the 1860s made by Swisher International, Inc. They are currently available in a variety of flavors known as “Swisher Sweets” that are often labeled by the type of fruit flavor they contain, such as “grape” or “peach”. They are the top selling brand of cigar in the United States, likely due to their popularity with cannabis smokers. They are synonymous with the term “blunt”. Swisher also owns and produces numerous other tobacco brands of cigars and chewing tobacco such as King Edward, Optimo, Mail Pouch and Casino Gold HRS among others.


Maximum Yield Explains Swisher

Swisher brand cigars are widely used for smoking marijuana. They are widely available and are relatively inexpensive. The cigar is cut open, usually with a razor, the tobacco emptied out, and the paper is refilled with various amounts of cannabis, usually between half a gram and three grams (.02- .1 ounces) depending on the individual rolling it and then it is licked or waxed to seal it back up. The “cigar” is then smoked or stored for later enjoyment. An estimated three-quarters of all Swisher Sweets sold in the United States are not consumed as manufactured, but are instead repurposed as described above.


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