Honey Blunt

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Honey Blunt Mean?

Blunts (dried cannabis plant matter wrapped in a rolling paper, and then smoked) have become very popular ways to consume cannabis, but they can sometimes burn very quickly, and they may not taste particularly good.

A honey blunt is a blunt that has had honey added to it, or that has been dipped in honey to make it burn slower and to improve the taste.


Maximum Yield Explains Honey Blunt

Additives are nothing new in the world of cannabis consumption. Cannabis can be added to everything from food to beverages. In addition, other items can be added to cannabis to change the way it tastes or smells. For instance, the humble blunt can be transformed with honey into something that tastes dramatically different, and that burns much more slowly.

A honey blunt can be made in several different ways, depending on what you want to achieve. Perhaps the most common option is to use honey to seal the blunt. A thin layer of honey is smeared along the edge of the wrapper, the blunt is rolled, and then it is allowed to dry. The honey dries and hardens, preventing the blunt from opening, and adding a sweet flavor.

Another option is to spread honey on the inside of the wrapper prior to adding bud material. Once applied, add the bud material, roll the blunt and then let it all dry. This provides a much stronger honey flavor to the blunt.

Finally, a blunt can be rolled the conventional way, and then be dipped in honey, or have honey smeared over the outside. Note that this is far messier than spreading honey on the inside of the wrapper.

Other substances can be used in place of honey, such as maple syrup, and even fruit jelly, depending on the flavor sought, or the level of “hold” needed for the blunt.


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